Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free Time

Our bags are almost all unpacked and Grant and I are settling back into our home, which gave us a big warm welcome feeling (being cleaned up by Mike) and made us appreciate familiar territory. But not all parts of the territory are welcoming, although I am so grateful to come home from our Santa Barbara adventure safely, Mike has informed me that his building's commercial space has been rented to a gallery! My heart really sunk when I heard this news and I am trying regroup the idea, as well as start up a new Free Space to start working in, figure out some money-making plans, and work on the intersection of new ideas with some old ideas.

I'm finishing up some Santa Barbara social space plans too. I received this nice email from one of my new favorite Santa Barbara artists, saying that I created a..."subtly dynamic discussion circle." Thanks!! Let's see if that circle can continue to widen here and elsewhere. As far as this afternoon is concerned, it's tea with me!

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