Thursday, December 07, 2006

Family Tea

Back in New York presented a little bit of tea withdrawal, so I served up some tea for the family. Mike and I had Lipton. Grant had chamomile, which still produced some blurry behavior. Today I am "freespacing" at LMCC. Hendrik is on his way to Santa Barbara to give 3 days of saloning about workspace issues and the art practice.

Hendrik and I decided that we would change places, hence that is why I am at his desk today. Now it's not an empty desk, so I'm sitting next to Hendrik's co-workers while they work on all the details of Swing Space, eat lunch and chat with coworkers. The office is quiet because a lot of the employees are at the Miami Art Fairs. I'm contributing to the cubicle conversation and have decided to integrate myself into the workings here more than I did last time I "freespaced" at LMCC. So I'm typing and talking while "free spacing." Hendrik had me sign a "Guest Office Use Waiver" agreeing to make local calls only, gather thoughts, expand ideas and further artistic ventures!!