Saturday, December 30, 2006

The floor and out into the hallway

I like to work on the floor and look down at what I'm drawing in order to obtain a certain perspective, it's a form of perching. I am in the kitchen (and hallway) drawing while Grant is napping.

I am slowly looking ahead to when I leave for Santa Barbara again (Friday), and gathering inspiration for baking cupcakes for my closing party at CAF. And I am easing into a new year of event-based work (salons, curating, and ebaying) and a free-for-me studio practice in spaces uptown, downtown and downstairs.

I'll be traveling to California alone this time. Grant will stay behind and play with his cars and trucks. Speaking of Grant, it's time to go wake him up!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Free morning adventure

With mom (Kay of orizomegami fame) here and the holiday haze, I haven't had any time to make art, but this morning I got a chance to see some good art. After not really minding little Grant for the past few days, we resumed our morning adventures together and grabbed a taxi to Grand Central terminal, we caught the light show there, and then ran across the street to the Whitney Altria. We both enjoyed the show there, which featured works, mostly sculptures, by Diana Cooper, Tara Donovan, Charles Goldman, Jason Rogenes, Jane South, and Phoebe Washburn (the image is of her amazing piece).

When we walked into the atrium where most of the sculptures were arranged, I mentioned to Grant that this is where Shamim worked, and he replied, "I like her."

We both liked our adventure. Now it's time to rearrange the apartment a little and dig in and deliver out some art.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A restorative practice

Twas the night before Christmas, and I'm down in the basement, looking ahead and planning out activities for my art and for Grant, lining up a new babysitter and a new "free space."

It's very quiet in the basement today with one load of laundry abandoned on the table. The book shelf is looking well stocked, somebody must have cleaned out their own private shelf, and I'm making slow progress through this holidaze. I did get to the Whitney yesterday and saw the Kiki Smith and saw a great play, Grey Gardens, on Broadway. Now to do some more resting on this night and celebrate my wedding anniversary.

Friday, December 22, 2006


I just want to spend the holidays down in the basement making work. In the basement there's a bookshelf that often contains books that end up in my collages and drawings, and it is in need of new titles. So, I will be adding books to the shelves, maybe people will take them away and maybe they will stay, either way I have some good books that have been in boxes over at my Chelsea storage space that are about to see new light. As a general policy, I don't like long-term storage, I'd rather have art displayed and books out on shelves.

If I was to make this laundry room more of a social space, better titles interspersed among the Encyclopedia Britannicas would be a step in the right social direction. I would also add to the magazine subscriptions, for there's a shelf of cast-off magazines down here too. I would love to add some magazines to the shelves too, add to the general reading list/level of this building.

I'm going to slip downstairs as much as I can over the next few days, even though my mom is visiting and the demands of mothering are reaching a new level of tidium (more on that another time). I will be down in the dungeon of my favorite free work space this holiday season.

At this particlular moment, I have been researching cupcakes and social space for my final CAF event, for which I will make a return engagement on January 7th. More on that later too.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've decided to make an inventory of my artwork. I'm trying to locate work that has been lost and am making notes about work that has been destroyed. This process inevitably leads to thinking about what's next. I feel like there's a lot of drawings to make, but what social spaces will develop next? Perhaps, a library in my laundry room, or a space or place for more teas, and definitely more meetings of my monthly art and food-based salon, "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth." Doing an inventory is like doing a study of something. I'm giving myself the opportunity to see where I'm going, or rather to see where I've been.

Last night I went to the studios of Rico Gatson and Molly Larkey and took stock of their works. We discussed strategies for upcoming studio visits, moves to other states, and our current moods. After deliberating on studio practice, which I don't have much experience with anymore, we decamped to dinner at Northeast Kingdom, a little gem among the single storied warehouses and desolate streets of this particular part of Bushwick.

Today it's back to the inventory and to figure out who has "Building with Sharpie," and if I'll ever be able to retrieve "Double Lounger" from Black and White Gallery. How is it possible to loose track of one's artwork? I guess even Norman Rockwell paintings get lost from time to time.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Movin uptown

It seems like, after being away from New York for a month, I have to start all over again. Everything does stay the same, but everything also changes. Or maybe it's me that is different. In any case, I've been trying to set up a new daily routine, re-establishing old work plans, as well as new work places. It looks like I will go back up to the beautiful 1000 Park Avenue. I will go there every Tuesday, cherish the view, and the new perspective it will bring.

Today it's a holiday brunch at my private collector's space, with her table filled not with my collages, but with cakes and other food items. Then it'll be the basement for me and some much needed work time at that table.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back in the basement

It was busy down in the basement last night with about 3 people doing their laundry, and piles of clothes all over the place. Grant even joined me while Mike ran to the store. Little Grant loved the opportunity to delve into the forbidden art box with mommy's pens and pencils!

With all those dryers running things got a little heated, but I kept my cool by drawing and researching some possible new scenarios for space and the artists that work in them. I met with Hendrik for coffee today at one of my "free spaces," 60 Wall Street and I got the chance to discuss with him some of these new plans. Together, Hendrik and I, decided that we will encourage some of the Santa Barbara artists to apply to the Swing Space program, and that maybe we should start to think about recruiting possible candidates to work in "Free Spaces" with me or rather with my guidance.

Hendrik and I also thought Bill from Perch Art Gallery and Studio might be a good candidate (even though neither of us have curatorial say), and that that might facilitate his plans for implementing a residency program at his gallery/studio/living space. If Bill or Ethan, also of Perch, got a Swing Space, maybe they could do an apartment swap with a New York artist. If they didn't get Swing Spaces maybe we could incorporate one or both of them into Free Spaces, making it a "Swing, Swap or Free Space" project (read revolution)! We got very excited, the mud coffee we were drinking only adding to our fervor!

We downed our coffee and went back out onto Wall Street with our hearts and minds filled with other revolutionary ideas about the places in between, galleries, hot curators, nonprofit spaces, and masters degrees.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I hit the ground running when I came back from California, I had a new "Free Space," I made new work, and I maybe had a new show to work on, and perhaps even a new project in the form of a gallery. Then, I hit a wall, and got dazed and confused, was I in Miami (I couldn't stop reading all the blogs, diaries, and sales reports, as well as text messages from friends that were there)? Was I in Santa Barbara, for I was still planning projects there, or was I downstairs in the laundry room making new collages?? I had to retreat and watch all the episodes I missed of the television program LOST, with a couple of Desperate Housewives thrown in the mix, in order to sort it all out.

I have emerged, and am maybe still lost, but have found a little direction in the basement. Last night I even had some visitors to help me find my way. Rob Fischer, artist friend, and his 4 month old, August, who's a sweet little girl of a pea pod visited me while I was working at my humble little table. He is on his way to Los Angeles today for his show at Mary Goldman Gallery which opens Saturday, the picture is his. Good luck, Rob, call me if you get lost!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

This is definitely not Miami

The word from Santa Barbara is that Hendrik is a hit there and that discussions of working space for artists and residencies have merit not only here and in particular at the offices of LMCC (where I have been "freespacing" for the past few days), but also
anyplace where there are artists. As the discussion develops around these issues here and elsewhere, the fairs and art activities in Miami have been exploding all week, with reports of parties and art buying abound. Although cold in New York, I have been warmed by the continued perching in Santa Barbara and am glad I am getting back to work here.

I went around to a bunch of galleries yesterday with Roger and we had the pleasure of running into Lawrence Weschler, proving that the hardworking and thinking folks of New York can be found with scarves tied around their necks and their hats on.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Family Tea

Back in New York presented a little bit of tea withdrawal, so I served up some tea for the family. Mike and I had Lipton. Grant had chamomile, which still produced some blurry behavior. Today I am "freespacing" at LMCC. Hendrik is on his way to Santa Barbara to give 3 days of saloning about workspace issues and the art practice.

Hendrik and I decided that we would change places, hence that is why I am at his desk today. Now it's not an empty desk, so I'm sitting next to Hendrik's co-workers while they work on all the details of Swing Space, eat lunch and chat with coworkers. The office is quiet because a lot of the employees are at the Miami Art Fairs. I'm contributing to the cubicle conversation and have decided to integrate myself into the workings here more than I did last time I "freespaced" at LMCC. So I'm typing and talking while "free spacing." Hendrik had me sign a "Guest Office Use Waiver" agreeing to make local calls only, gather thoughts, expand ideas and further artistic ventures!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Free Time

Our bags are almost all unpacked and Grant and I are settling back into our home, which gave us a big warm welcome feeling (being cleaned up by Mike) and made us appreciate familiar territory. But not all parts of the territory are welcoming, although I am so grateful to come home from our Santa Barbara adventure safely, Mike has informed me that his building's commercial space has been rented to a gallery! My heart really sunk when I heard this news and I am trying regroup the idea, as well as start up a new Free Space to start working in, figure out some money-making plans, and work on the intersection of new ideas with some old ideas.

I'm finishing up some Santa Barbara social space plans too. I received this nice email from one of my new favorite Santa Barbara artists, saying that I created a..."subtly dynamic discussion circle." Thanks!! Let's see if that circle can continue to widen here and elsewhere. As far as this afternoon is concerned, it's tea with me!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

My bags are packed

My bags are packed and Grant and I are ready (almost) to return to New York. The teapot has been passed to Jeff Clark. Thanks for everything Jeff!!

I had a good last tea at CAF with Liz and Laura, and Jeff and Jeanne Miller . After tea I got on the road to LA, deciding against a farewell taco at Super Cucas, thinking that I am not leaving just yet.

This week Free Space will take place at CAF, lead by Hendrik Gerrits from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Free Space will be a three day workshop of discussion and presentation on artists' workspaces, art work and the broad definition that surrounds those topics. Hendrik blogged about it!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Stranger then tea and new friends

I entertained my first stranger for tea yesterday, an old time resident of Santa Barbara named Robert. He came to Santa Barbara over fifty years ago, following a friend's advice who had traveled here by motorcycle. He married and had a kid and now walks around town, averaging 5 to 6 miles a day and heads up to the mountains regularly with the Sierra Club. I might even go on a hike with them when I come back in January!

Last night I organized a salon night. Six artists showed their work in an old school, salon-style way with wine following as well as an exchange of ideas. I honestly liked everything I saw and I think I see the beginnings an artist community. Hopefully it will continue after I'm gone, I think it will, the artists here will make their own scene. Look for artists from Santa Barbara at a gallery near you soon or on (or at) ATfreespace in the future!