Monday, January 29, 2007

Well I thought I was falling into a regular "free space" schedule, but mine is an irregular practice.

Well I thought I was falling into a regular "free space" schedule, but mine is an irregular practice and Sunday finds me experimenting with another new place to make art. I'm at the Donnell Library, which is open from 1-5pm, the only public library open in Manhattan on Sundays. It's right across the street from MOMA.

I'm sitting in the World Languages Collection, which I thought would be quiet and it is very quiet, maybe too quiet, and peppered with weirdos. I pack up and leave, my scissors were making too much noise, and a guy sat too close too me reading a Japanese book upside down (maybe that's the way it's supposed to be read). I also felt like I had to pretend to read Russian Cosmo while I tried to concentrate on folding and building drawings. (I just discovered on Google that the Russian-language edition of Cosmopolitan has entered the Russian Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest circulation among glossy magazines.)

I go to the third floor, where the Central Children's Room is located. I pay my respects to the original Pooh Bear, but move on. Down on the mezzanine level I discover Teen Central! To my relief and delight, I have found a "free space" home, with new tables and chairs, circular benches around computers, music playing, and young people. The music is slightly loud, but that seems to keep the population down and restricted to teenagers. The music also masks the sound of my scissors. I feel comfortable, which is not a normal feeling for a teen or for this artist working in the public and sometimes semi-private realm.

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