Saturday, April 19, 2008

From light to dark to the garage

Before going out of town (I wish New York city was a "town"), I freespaced at StoneFox architects and artspace. It's such a beautiful place, bright and everything is either black or white and the floors charm you with their ccreakiness. It's a grand building and an inspiring place to work. Plus Elissa was installing her show which opens next Tuesday, so the excitment was in the air.

Here at my mom's I drew in bed in the dark using the light from my phone. Then Mike showed me that I could use the dimmer switch on the light next to the bed so not to wake Grant. Funny, I'm not getting as much drawing done as I had hoped. I'm a little dim (witted).

Now I write from inside my mom's garage, in order to get a friendly neighbor's wireless internet connection. Everyone needs

StoneFox pictured below:

The view from the garage: