Friday, December 14, 2007

Away from downtown and down in the basement and off to the upper east side

Friday night found me gratefully drawing on a bench at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the European Galleries. I've filled so many sketchbooks that now I just have file folders filed with my preferred and beloved graph papers and newspapers. I'm still working on my "unstraight" line drawings on the cover photos from the New York Times everyday and realized tonight that my craved and taped up rulers really need to be redone. My line in getting tired and I need to change it up. So tomorrow I'll lay out all my rulers, remove their taped up edges and re-tape them up to interesting effect, I hope. I haven't reworked my lines since August, so it is definitely time.

After awhile at The Met tonight, I heard a security guard's voice ask, "Can I peek?" I looked up to welcome the security guard's view and once again my "freespace" became social space and we discussed work and being creative and inspired, and I definitely was.