Thursday, December 20, 2007

A 2-hour Oasis

Every once in awhile an opportunity presents itself, and I think that's what creativity is-an opportunity. Today, a new babysitter is upstairs and I am in a very quiet basement spot, not next to the dryers, but out in an anteroom, on the other side of the dryers, next to a window where I have a slight internet connection. No one is around but me in freespace. I'm just typing, thinking, and working on Pocket Utopia's next show.

The next show will be the 5th official and 7th in a series of trying out my post-studio practice in a relational aesthetic way at a nicely renovated old storefront in Bushwick. This place provides other artists an opportunity to show their work and speak about their ideas. Together, for maybe a 2-year period, after that that project will probably change, us artists are looking at other pocket utopias, discussing art-world issues, art-making, and community. Pocket Utopia is primarily funded through an editions program where established artists (defined as artists that have gallery representation) contribute their time and creative energy in producing and creating a limited edition silk screen-type print or Gocco.

Pocket Utopia is a salon space and social sculpture. It is not a gallery. It's more like a salon and studio space. There's no phone in the space, no backroom, no frontdesk. There is a place for artists to work, I call it a "post-studio residency program," and it's basically a table with a chair. Artists using the space to make work get a key and can work there whenever they want, like a studio. We have monthly salons called "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth." At the salons, relevant art issues are discussed and food is served. The next salon will be about money and art.

The space, like this blog, is about art-making. Whether online, in a space, or in an anteroom, I am out there making work. I guess I should go start my laundry now.

The photo above, of the laundry room bookshelf, was inspired by my fondness for Nina Katchadourian's sorted books pieces.