Sunday, September 09, 2007

Creating an interest, just another Saturday night at the museum

After the longest 4-day week I can remember, Saturday night finds me in the cool, slightly dim Asian galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose the Asian galleries because it was so hot out at Pocket Utopia today and there's a bench that has a wall behind it for me to lean on while I draw on cover photos from the New York Times.

Jorge, a guard of four years, asks me what I'm doing, I show him, we chat, he leaves his post, but returns later to check in on my progress. Jorge also clues me into another drawing spot that I will try out next Saturday night. I've noticed, after 3 evenings of freespace work at the museum, that the object or painting I work in front of always gets more public attention, museum visitors swarm around it with curious intent.

I draw some more, cool down, take the train home and pass out.