Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A big and empty freespace

Between the opening of Pocket Utopia and recovering after the weekend of talking to gallery visitors, I've been working at 60 Wall Street. To my surprise, I have found it empty on almost every occasion except yesterday at 5:00 p.m.

Being in that empty space and working alone has been a little unnerving, so I called up Matthew (his amazing self-portrait pictured above), one of Pocket Utopia's interns, who lives across the street. The first time he joined me in the empty space, I showed him pictures of my work and it turned into a productive studio visit. The second time he kept me company, he started to advise me on my collaging, encouraging me to cut it up! I joked that I would not be asking him to join me anymore! The combination of company, Matthew's, and the empty freespace, made me reconsider the dimensionality of my work. The collage I was making might benefit from being in a bigger space, and since 60 Wall Street has a lot of empty tables, maybe I need to spread out and have more studio visits there! Or just make more use of the space. Anyone else want to join me?