Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kicked out

I was taking off my coat, feeling slightly conspicuous, when a teenage-like librarian asked me, "if I was with a teen today?" I was about to settled into 4 hours of art making, but I was politely told to go to another floor. So, I decamped to the World Languages Collection and found an empty table and settled into 4 hours and 15 minutes of productive art making. I'm happy to say no one bother me again.

I had the opportunity to sort through a good portion of my works in progress. Since I do different types of drawings and collages (folded, mandalas, "fill-ins," "builds," "unstraight" line drawings, and text pieces) on different days, and at different places, I don't always get the chance to look at them all at once. Today, yesterday, and the day before, I sorted, filed, and stored all the different drawings and paper sculptures, so I can move on and make more. Mine is a moving practice.

I also made more space in my dresser drawers, closet shelves, and on my bookshelf for the finished work and works in progress. Everything I don't wear (and Grant doesn't play with anymore) went downstairs in the storage unit. Anything having to do with art making came upstairs. All art is united within my apartment.

Now I have to move everything out of my 526 w. 26th Street storage and I'll really feel reunited with my art world. I'm trying to consolidate the making with the already made and get rid of everything else. With all this moving around, a new "drawing" category has made its way into the line-up and it's called "by-product." I better keep moving.