Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I hit the ground running when I came back from California, I had a new "Free Space," I made new work, and I maybe had a new show to work on, and perhaps even a new project in the form of a gallery. Then, I hit a wall, and got dazed and confused, was I in Miami (I couldn't stop reading all the blogs, diaries, and sales reports, as well as text messages from friends that were there)? Was I in Santa Barbara, for I was still planning projects there, or was I downstairs in the laundry room making new collages?? I had to retreat and watch all the episodes I missed of the television program LOST, with a couple of Desperate Housewives thrown in the mix, in order to sort it all out.

I have emerged, and am maybe still lost, but have found a little direction in the basement. Last night I even had some visitors to help me find my way. Rob Fischer, artist friend, and his 4 month old, August, who's a sweet little girl of a pea pod visited me while I was working at my humble little table. He is on his way to Los Angeles today for his show at Mary Goldman Gallery which opens Saturday, the picture is his. Good luck, Rob, call me if you get lost!