Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I've decided to make an inventory of my artwork. I'm trying to locate work that has been lost and am making notes about work that has been destroyed. This process inevitably leads to thinking about what's next. I feel like there's a lot of drawings to make, but what social spaces will develop next? Perhaps, a library in my laundry room, or a space or place for more teas, and definitely more meetings of my monthly art and food-based salon, "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth." Doing an inventory is like doing a study of something. I'm giving myself the opportunity to see where I'm going, or rather to see where I've been.

Last night I went to the studios of Rico Gatson and Molly Larkey and took stock of their works. We discussed strategies for upcoming studio visits, moves to other states, and our current moods. After deliberating on studio practice, which I don't have much experience with anymore, we decamped to dinner at Northeast Kingdom, a little gem among the single storied warehouses and desolate streets of this particular part of Bushwick.

Today it's back to the inventory and to figure out who has "Building with Sharpie," and if I'll ever be able to retrieve "Double Lounger" from Black and White Gallery. How is it possible to loose track of one's artwork? I guess even Norman Rockwell paintings get lost from time to time.