Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back in the basement

It was busy down in the basement last night with about 3 people doing their laundry, and piles of clothes all over the place. Grant even joined me while Mike ran to the store. Little Grant loved the opportunity to delve into the forbidden art box with mommy's pens and pencils!

With all those dryers running things got a little heated, but I kept my cool by drawing and researching some possible new scenarios for space and the artists that work in them. I met with Hendrik for coffee today at one of my "free spaces," 60 Wall Street and I got the chance to discuss with him some of these new plans. Together, Hendrik and I, decided that we will encourage some of the Santa Barbara artists to apply to the Swing Space program, and that maybe we should start to think about recruiting possible candidates to work in "Free Spaces" with me or rather with my guidance.

Hendrik and I also thought Bill from Perch Art Gallery and Studio might be a good candidate (even though neither of us have curatorial say), and that that might facilitate his plans for implementing a residency program at his gallery/studio/living space. If Bill or Ethan, also of Perch, got a Swing Space, maybe they could do an apartment swap with a New York artist. If they didn't get Swing Spaces maybe we could incorporate one or both of them into Free Spaces, making it a "Swing, Swap or Free Space" project (read revolution)! We got very excited, the mud coffee we were drinking only adding to our fervor!

We downed our coffee and went back out onto Wall Street with our hearts and minds filled with other revolutionary ideas about the places in between, galleries, hot curators, nonprofit spaces, and masters degrees.