Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ideal Space/AZ Birthday Tribute

Today it's" Tribute Space," time to say "Happy Birthday, Andrea Zittel!!" Fellow artist and an inspirational person, making places and spaces better for all us. Andrea once said to me,"if everyone just left a place better than they found it, just think what a difference that would make." She's a very generous artist and has loaned me her space in the past.

Another Andrea quote below:

I know that there are always plenty of "imperfections" in my work. Once I attended a conference discussing the "ideal office space." One of the speakers made the point that the perfect office space was actually one with flaws - because in the process of trying to correct the things that the user considers flawed, he is able to assert himself more directly into his environment. It is when someone feels that they have identified an "imperfection" that they feel they have the right to change it. I really liked this observation a lot since it brought up the idea of future potential as end ideal, rather than perfection itself. - Andrea Zittel