Sunday, September 10, 2006

Domestic Space

Tonight it's "no room of one's own," but it is a hallway. Last weekend we rearranged our small apartment, so that I could have a workspace in the hallway. In truth, it's not that functional, it looks good and all my books are there which is a secure feeling but I feel like I am in the way, in the hallway, next to the stroller...

There is something about creating an actual room or the feeling of a "room" when one works on ideas of and the making of art work. I think this "room" space is the creative space and that's what makes studio spaces so intriguing. Sometimes an artist's studio is more interesting than the work they are making. I'm attaching a link up at the top the post to one of my favorite sites that features creative people's desks and workspaces. I look at this site often for inspiration and to get into that "room" kind of space.