Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back to the Basement Space Sort of...

I feel a little bit like a refugee today. With Grant, my almost 2 year old asleep, and husband home fiddling around, I couldn't work during nap time, so I decamped to the streets with just my Santa Barbara project file and went to look at art. After about a half hour, I was hot and needed to organize my thoughts, so I went to Loehmann's on 7th avenue to sit (I know that they have chairs for husbands whose wives are shopping). I sat there and wrote out some notes on building and drawings and cooled off significantly.

And now tonight I had planned on working in the basement laundry room, which is a tried and true "Free Space," but someone has covered my (not really mine) work table with their clothes. Plan B, my storage unit! I've pulled out a folding chair (I store all my art materials and portfolios of drawings in there anyway) and am typing away and will soon get on the floor and make some art!

If someone decides to organize their storage unit, they'll be in for a surprise!