Friday, September 28, 2007

Today's cover of the New York Times

In describing my drawing project on the cover photos of the New York Times, I point out that the photos move under the master head from day to day. That's my reason for doing this project, it's a daily drawing record. I'm marking time. Sometimes the photo is placed to the right of the master head, the next day the photo moves to the left. I mention all this because today the photo for the first time since I started this project is directly under the entire masterhead. Perhaps this is because the photo shows Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai after being shot by a Burmese soldier. The caption says that Mr. Nagai later died. Today we dedicate freespace to this fallen artist shot down obviously trying to capture a fight for freedom. A reminder to all of us to stand up.

(Interestingly, these demonstrations began because of an increase in oil prices after the ruling party of Burma decided to remove oil subsidies.)