Sunday, August 12, 2007

A spirit of optimism

Reporting in from Costa Mesa, Ca. My sister is on her honeymoon and I am settling into my nanny/artist-in-resident position. I've got a new perch here in the kitchen where I can draw, cook, drink coffee, and finish planning the opening show at Pocket Utopia.

It's easy setting up a "post-studio" work area in the home of a working mother or rather two working parents, for the house is very efficient, clean, and adaptable. The kids have their schedule, parents have theirs, meals are simple, and everything seems to be optimized for work and getting things done.

This house reminds me of an exhibit I recently saw at the Corcoran on Modernism. The exhibit contained a Frankfurt Kitchen that was designed in 1926 by Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky for enabling efficient work at low cost (no sub-zero here). The kitchens were installed in housing projects.

Grant is napping and finally catching up on his sleep after travel and wedding receptions. I am optimismic about the week ahead, like a good modernist I will chart a discernable path through Costa Mesa. and the kitchen.