Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not quite noon...

It's not quite noon on Saturday and the house has been cleaned and I've completed a "Fold" drawing. I ventured down to the basement this morning. The place has been redone and repainted with a metallic paint that still smells but this morning the windows were open and it was very quiet. There are new chairs, a new bookshelf, but the same table.

I've spent all week sorting through boxes, files, and drawers full of drawings, whittling over 100 drawings down to 70 (not including the 11 that are safely out at Pierogi). It's refreshing and frustrating to tighten up the structure that defines my drawing practice. Maybe this is the result of not having a studio, but my work is never static. The drawings and my social spaces get assembled and reassembled and now I'm trying to evaluate them as a whole. That's the tricky part.