Thursday, May 03, 2007

The mechanics of being an artist

When an artist has a studio, certain things are a given, like studio visits, materials and tools, books, and a teakettle. For me, not having a studio, these things are assigned a specific time and a place. I plan everything out a couple of times, a couple of different ways. For the past year and a half, I've been testing and re-testing different non-studio methods, like deciding on what books are absolutely essential and which ones get sold on Amazon. Can my work be informed by just a few books?

I'm finding that the hardest thing to do is set up a studio visit. When I had a studio, I just opened the door and people walked in. I've been planning a day when I hang everything in the hallway of my apartment building, a "hallway hang," but it's been really hard to get people to come over, perhaps it is too unorthodox. I really need to rethink the whole studio thing. It's not that I want certain people to come look at what I've done, it's more that I want to select people/viewers based on their ideas, and have a dialogue with them.

Maybe I should try bringing my finished work, for there's a whole slew of people at LMCC to dialogue with about art and different ways of working. I watched one guy (a curator) pick his nose (literally) most of the time I was there today, maybe he has something interesting to say?

I've also been rethinking a lot of the drawings and have decimated some of my stockpiled categories of drawings. I've edited 20 "build" drawings down to 4 completed drawings. I've sorted through the "text" pieces and I am about to overhaul the "folds." I think that when you have a studio, you tend to just keep it all. That's not a possibility in "freespace."