Saturday, April 28, 2007

Presence of mind

The thought of running a gallery as an artist places me very much in the present, as opposed to dwelling in an artist's mind of future possibilities. It's a very anchoring feeling to be here in the present moment, and it is with this presence of mind that I traveled to Jenkintown, Pennsylvania yesterday and to the Abington Art Center to install the indoor portion of an outdoor piece.

Demolition and rebuilding would greet me on my return but yesterday it was all about train travel and that green-infused spring light. Abington Art Center has a beautiful show up right now called HandMaking. A couple of my friends are in it, including Lee Stoetzel and Andrea Zittel. The show also has an essay by friend Sue Spaid.

Back at home, I'm realizing it's ok that I only have one free space because I really need to review and organize all the drawings stored here in boxes. I need to stay home and put everything out and look at them on the floor.