Friday, April 06, 2007

The Anti-muse

I've been distracted lately from my mission of post-studio practice. The other night I set-up my art practice in the kitchen, while husband Mike typed away on my computer. He was a distraction. I couldn't work. Last week Michael Steinberg owed me money. That's another distraction. I can't work when people owe me money (right now, I have a team of professionals shaking him down).

Hopefully the professionals will come back with money (or at least some of my artwork) and I plan not to work at the kitchen table with Mike again. With some cash and new free spaces (anyone have one), I'll have the muse again, I hope. Come back, muse! For I need you as I move forward with opening a gallery/salon space out in East Williamsburg and start my print projects with Rico Gatson, Valerie Hegarty, Lucas Reiner and Chris Caccamise. There's the phone...maybe it's my muse calling.

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