Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Excuse me, #4

Last night 18 people came to the fourth "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth." The event, featuring Klaus Schafler was held at "Pocket Utopia," my off-center, away from center, artist-run, alternative exhibition and salon space with studios for other artists. Everyone that came last night gave me their ideas on how the space should be used, built-out, programed and designed. It was a little overwhelming.

Today I am turning my attention to my "folds" (an origami-like method of drawing) at my LMCC "free space." LMCC's office is really my only active free space. For even my basement laundry room space is off-limits due to a toxic repaint and I'd probably be arrested if I went up to 1000 Park Avenue. There's always 60 Wall Street, but I am quite willing to be LMCC's unoffical-office-artist-in-resident for the moment.

The unoffical future of Pocket Uptopia will definitely be "free space" for awhile, and that means free to those exhibiting, free to those socializing/saloning and free to those artists using the space to make work! Egg rolls not included.