Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cleaning utopia

Right now, my husband (Mike) is out cleaning 1037 Flushing Ave., for the first event (my "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth" art and food salon), which is scheduled for this Wednesday night. Grant is trying to nap. The weather is beautiful, but I'll stay in and work on "fill-ins" on the floor.

Yesterday, I was up at Wave Hill all day listening to Brece Honeycutt give a tour of the garden, and her art piece installed up there, and Emily Dickinson as muse. Tonight it's a good-bye party for Luke Abiol. Luke is off to Berlin. I tried to include his free artist book to download here, but couldn't. I can email it to anyone in a PDF form. It's quite nice, titled “The Common Language of Landscape."

Later tonight it's the Alice Neel movie. Tomorrow it's mandalas. Tuesday I'm going to remove myself from the Fine Art Adoption Network for I don't feel like giving it away for free anymore.