Sunday, February 25, 2007


Not everything is always free and at Michael Steinberg's 515 w. 29th Street fair project, I sold a mandala drawing (pictured above) to some very nice folks that have also offered me a "free space!" Maybe I'll start to go there on Thursdays, instead of 60 Wall Street. It's a design firm space in Dumbo! Could be fun.

I'm back...I just deinstalled my wall of drawings, and sold another one! Those nice folks that bought one sent their friend! So now I'm wrapping and packing. I like selling a few pieces, for that makes room to make more, mentally and physically.

Looking at the week and month ahead, I need to take slides, and rework all my rulers (taping and carving), for I like to start every new month with a set of new "lines" (or unstraight lines) for the drawings. This Wednesday is my food and art salon, "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth," night with artist Valerie Hegarty. It will be a private affair at her studio, but I'll bring dinner, maybe make that pear bread again.