Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Free Art

Part of my practice as an artist involves working with other artists. I create social spaces, networks, and organize salons. The folks at the Fine Art Adoption Network (FAAN) let me curate a page under the name "AT Free Space." (I have works available for adoption under Austin Thomas, which include my perches and drawings.) But at AT Free Space I have curated a page of the artists I have met through my social practice.

It's is a curatorial experiment. Presented are six artists from Santa Barbara, California. I met these artists while doing a project at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum. The project was a social sculpture which included an ongoing salon with local artists. I wanted to continue the salon, so I thought I would introduce them through FAAN. Here they are; Laura Devendorf, Graham Bury, Danielle Rubi, Warren Schultheis, Calico Brown, and Jenn Figg. There are more artists I wanted to include, and I will as work gets adopted. This is the first virtual exhibition of "ATfreespace."