Friday, February 16, 2007


The carrot soup/stew love-bowl I just made totally changed my outlook on life. I've been drawing and folding and suffering a little with the cold weather, but have raised some funds to pay a babysitter, so I can go down to the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's office on Friday afternoons. I will revisit a set of empty desks there and see if I remember how they recycle (last time I was working there, I got scolded for putting something in the wrong receptacle).

These cold evenings and fear of the 60 Wall Street "free space," finds me looking for inspiration. The other day I came across an interesting site to buy and sell all things homemade, it's called Etsy. From there, I found an interesting art site, where they make zines and invite people to join them out on a little island, they call themselves Islands Fold. I love that...I want to start inviting other artists to my "free space" islands and maybe we can make zines or sell our stuff on Esty!