Saturday, January 13, 2007

Barely Blogging

My computer is still at Tekserve and will be until at least Tuesday! I've been coming upstairs to Edna's apartment. She's the board president of my apartment building and she always visits me in the laundry room while I'm working. She's even helped me with grant applications. I love making work when she's doing laundry. She's like a muse, so now I'm working on her computer.

I've been working in the basement a lot over the past few days and it's been quiet down there. The water was shut off today due to some water main break so it's really quiet. It's been great. I like to shut all the doors of the dryers, pick up stray socks and do a general straightening up before working. I've been pretty productive without a computer, more art, less distraction. I've been baking and drawing, molding dough and paper, no typing, a lot of thinking.