Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Free morning adventure

With mom (Kay of orizomegami fame) here and the holiday haze, I haven't had any time to make art, but this morning I got a chance to see some good art. After not really minding little Grant for the past few days, we resumed our morning adventures together and grabbed a taxi to Grand Central terminal, we caught the light show there, and then ran across the street to the Whitney Altria. We both enjoyed the show there, which featured works, mostly sculptures, by Diana Cooper, Tara Donovan, Charles Goldman, Jason Rogenes, Jane South, and Phoebe Washburn (the image is of her amazing piece).

When we walked into the atrium where most of the sculptures were arranged, I mentioned to Grant that this is where Shamim worked, and he replied, "I like her."

We both liked our adventure. Now it's time to rearrange the apartment a little and dig in and deliver out some art.