Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The power of demonstration and participation

My mom's demostration last night in my installation, A-Framed Social Space, was a huge success. I think Kay and I were both surprised by the turn out and the enthusiasm of the participants. The work that was produced was excellent. I left the finished orizomegami sheets spread out all over the floor because it was so beautiful and made for a very active salon/craft space.

After last night's orizomegami activity, I now feel like the piece can have a life of it's own and I can leave it to be used by the creative community. I am starting to think about my next project and getting back to working in the basement and my other free spaces. I am even thinking about maybe doing demonstrations or serving tea in the free spaces.

I've been waiting for that moment when a new and fresh project/installation adds to the already existing language of one's practice and I think that definitely happen last night. Thanks mom!