Saturday, November 25, 2006

Do it yourself

Today I taught a class at Art from Scrap . In the upstairs classroom, I noticed that there are mothers that let their children make their own art and there are mothers that make their kid's art for them. It's difficult to let all methods work themselves out in the same room, but if you allow someone to work it out themselves they seem to be the most satisfied. The self sufficient creators are the happiest artists.

It was a quiet day in Santa Barbara and I am preparing for my last week here and my last week of tea. I am planning on passing the teapot to the artists I have met here. I am trying to come up with a list of 25 people I have met to have tea with each other and I'm going to start by passing it on to Jenn Figg, and maybe she can have tea with Saul Gray-Hildenbrand, who could have tea with Danielle Rubi, who might enjoy meeting Heather Silva, and they should all have tea with the assistant curator of CAF, Elizabeth Lovero, and they should have tea with Karen Sinsheimer, the curator of photography, at Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and she might like meeting, if she hasn't already Tellef Tellefson. Tellef or Karen could pass the teapot onto pal/housemate Jeff Clark (who's staying in my apartment in New York).

When Jeff gets back to Santa Barbara he could have tea with the director of CAF, Miki Garcia, and she could have tea with local printmaker and CAF supporter Elaine Levasseur. Elaine could pass the teapot onto Wayne McCall who could have tea with Graham Bury. Those folks from Art from Scrap could have tea with Laura Devendorf and her coworkers from Stewart Brown, where they could discuss fashion from scrap!

The teapot could then go to the folks at FishBon and they could drive the teapot up to Ojai and have tea with Nathan Larramendy
and he could drive down to Lotusland in Santa Barbara and discuss his succulent project over tea with Lotusland's director Mike Bush!! And Mike Bush could bring the teapot back to CAF for his talk on December 14th!

I left some folks out but I think my favorite Santa Barbara gallery might have their own teapot!!