Friday, September 15, 2006

Storage Space

Storage space is definitely an issue when one doesn't have a studio space. And I'm referring to the storage of supplies, not to mention, at least in this post, the issue of storing older artwork. I've become very resourceful when it comes to storage. A dresser, which once held socks and under garments, jewelry and the like, now serves as a flat file. It took me awhile to find new ways to store clothing items, but essentially everything worn, all attire, is placed in the closet.

There are a few socks tucked around papers and drawings, but I'm working on that issue, and am pairing down to bare necessities only! Even the kitchen holds art storage spots, although I have to be careful there, for some of my models, pictured here, were squished by some bowls!! Maybe I should throw those bowls out or maybe use them for more storage!