Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The solitude of the subterranean space must be refreshing...

The title of this post was taken from a comment a "studio visitor" left me (a convenient term for someone who posts a comment on my blog) and I use this visitor's comments as inspiration to go down to the dungeon again to work. Quiet? It's not. The laundry room is next door, and I prefer to work there, but my husband was doing laundry, which I had to finish anyway, but I was trying to avoid him and the bottle of Tide. My thought was to hide and work. Was I hidden? No, Grant outted me, pulled his patio chair out of the storage closet and looked around...But after the laundry and after Grant went upstairs to bed, I laid down on the floor and it was quiet.

This space is not about creating a lot of new work, for it is very cramped, but I do manage to cut things up and review. Solitude is replaced by editing, the post-studio practice is about getting work done.