Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Laundry Room

I worked down in the laundry room (my old standby) today and into the evening. I took a picture of my view, which is of the dryers directly in front of me and to my right are the washers. I have also included a picture of my clean table and of the table with works in progress.

When one of my neighbors came down to do his laundry tonight, he said, "Oh look, it's craft corner." I wanted to say, "Want to look at my scrapbooks?!" But instead I just lent him a quarter! The lighting is pretty bad down there, but that's the case with most of my Free Spaces.

So with tired eyes and after losing myself in the spinning dryers, watching the tumble, I finally finished a model for my Santa Barbara. I collected my supplies and put them all away in my little storage space. I'm becoming quite fond of that storage space, with it's vaulted brick ceilings, navy blue storage units, and narrow corridor. I laid down on the floor, stared up at the ceiling, and tried to organize my thoughts without the help of dryer sheets.