Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A headbutt to the nose...

Monday morning mandala:
new rulers:
new work area created from one of my old perches:
Me, Libby and Brece working:
New York Times cover drawings:

A headbutt to the nose can really ruin your whole day, but before that, I was facing a Monday morning of mandala making and contemplating that way of thinking-mental mandaling.

C. G. Jung wrote that the mandala, with its mid-point, represented the self-it's expressions, reflections, dreams and memories. With Jung in mind, I have probably made over hundreds of mandala collages.

Before mental mandaling and collaging, I joined the other artists working on Sunday at Pocket Utopia for an afternoon of art-making and that way of thinking-creating as central and working communally. Freespacing, with it's Pocket Utopia counterpart, has become the way I work. It's the mental re-appropriating of managing mothering, art-making, and salon supervising that's tough. Where's my center? And what form does all that take?

More often then not it seems like it's all responsibility as opposed to reflections and dreams. I think Jung had full-time help and never changed diapers. Mandalas don't cut it (of course, I had to make hundreds of them before having this realization). A new form is required. I need a form that encompasses the cover of the Times, rulers and responsibility. Next up, experiments in and with new and different, reformed, informed and all encompassing forms of selfhood (folded, presented, performed, baked, butted, and drawn crooked).