Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Excuse me, you have art in your teeth #8

Tonight's "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth," salon was held at the post-studio of Bill Gerhard. Using the available light in his apartment, black construction paper and sheets of glass, among other objects, he exposes paper to varying effects that are beautiful, Zen-like, purple and poetic. He exposed us to wonderful pesto and thoughts on process and performative work. Bill will do a site-specific installation at Pocket Utopia for the Pierogi Show.

It's good to be home, done with California. The whole experience left me with a lot. I've been thinking about the constant social space of the family and how to make it more like an art and food salon and less like a trip to the dentist. And the dentist is where I'll be tomorrow. Enough of the dentist and enough of family. Neither are going away, unfortunately, both are constant and not relative. Maybe a little bit like Bill's art. Rain or shine, it's exposed.