Saturday, July 07, 2007

Social space, sold

I made it through the rest of the week of camp and am spending the weekend in utopia. I was worried about going out to the gallery and being lonely, but nope, I open up and people hang out. We even made our very first sale! I say "we" because it seemed like a group effort.

One of my objectives, in opening (and the official opening is in September) Pocket Utopia, is to give artists the opportunity to be full participants in the current artworld mircoclimate. I believe, contrary to what Peter Schjeldahl might think we artists are not cows at a creamery. We own the barn, the gallon jug and the tractor you rode in on! So when a young, enthusiastic, knowledgable, passionate artist and art worker became our first collector; I saw one of my dreams of utopia start to become reality. Or perhaps, this utopia I am building is not a dream but a wide-awake work of art.