Monday, July 09, 2007


Spending both Saturday and Sunday out in Bushwick at Pocket Utopia has a strange and fuzzy anti-vacation/second home feeling. For it's summer and it's pretty quiet out there. I hang out, people visit, I think about art. Then I go back home to my clean apartment (which I usually tiddy up on Saturday mornings before going to the gallery). After the weekend, I am grateful to be home and I feel refreshed.

Weekending in Bushwick got me thinking in that "freespace" kind of way, for I don't spend a lot of money or other precious resources to get there and I am happy to get back home. Maybe we should think of our weekday homes as vacation spots, all cozy and quiet, and spend our weekends at nearby pocket places that might need a little improvement. I'm sure these places are all over the metropolitan area and accessible by public transportation. Spend a weekend cleaning a park, reading to children, voluntering at hospice, teach art, plant flowers down the street. Pick up trash. Go home and feel refreshed. Be on vacation.