Thursday, June 07, 2007

Drawing salon

I'm at Jefferson Library right now, blogging live. I think there's another "free-spacer" sitting across from me! She's an older woman, writing, on a similar laptop to mine. She has lots of papers and looks like she might benefit from one of my segregated folders. She uses binder clips. I want her notes for my collages! Looks like she's writing on the Roman Empire.

I'm going to start drawing in a few minutes. I've been starting to think about what Pocket Utopia will look like next, after demolition. I want the space to have the look and feel of a salon. I want everything I do right now to look like a salon, all the drawings, and all my stuff in storage (old drawings and sculptures), all my everything. The female "free-spacer" sitting across from me just signed deeply. Rome was definitely not built in a day.