Wednesday, June 27, 2007

doing, dusting, and eating french fries

It's hard to believe what Pocket Utopia looks like now that it has been through the first phase of demolition. I met with the now six photographers (we lost one due to a cross country move) out at the Life Cafe and we eat fries and looked at work and tried to comprehend a show within the dust and crumbling plaster of Pocket U. I think in a strange way it's going to work because this photo show will become a sculpture, capturing a moment before the next building phase begins.

While I try to figure out how to re-attach the florescent lights to the now 12-foot high, maybe higher ceiling, I've found a "free space" at Grant's camp! Of course, we have to successfully complete our separation process, meaning he plays and makes art with the other kids while I make art by myself, but this desk is just fine for me to camp out at for the next month. It's one camp day at a time.