Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sometimes you need to stall to move forward

I ordered a new calendar, one of those moleskins, to appear to be a little more organized now that I am planning a 10-month exhibition schedule. It arrived today, so I went and bought a new pair of Levis and penned in the next few months, including day trips and toilet training for Grant.

Tonight I'll work on some drawings at home and finish watching The Sketches of Frank Gehry. I've been organizing all the bits of drawings into landscapes, forming mountain clusters with them, trees, and swirls of clouds. I am definitely inspired by 60 Wall Street, with its strange combination of rocks, mirrors, and slow moving fountains. I wondered if any of this will change? The Paramount Group just purchased 60 Wall Street from Deutsche Bank for $1.2 billion. The sale price is nearly double the $610 million Deutsche Bank paid for the building in 2001. That's pretty expensive "free space."