Monday, May 07, 2007

2 hours here, 2 hours there

Right now, I have 2 hours, so I'm writing, baking, and making art. I'm baking cupcakes to bring to LMCC, so that I can start giving back (for letting me use their deskspace for free workspace) and demonstrate my special artist-service oriented usefulness. Baking or rather eating what's cooked is also making art, according to Jerry Saltz's most recent article in New York Magazine. Yeah Jerry and organic cupcakes with red and chocolate sprinkles!

I'm also finalizing my exhibition schedule for my salon/exhibition space, "Pocket Utopia," beginning with a provocative, pre-demolition installation by Jonathan VanDyke. We are planning an installation-viewing party for June 1st.

The cupcakes will be done in a half hour, so that gives me enough time to finish inviting people to the next "Excuse me, you have art in your teeth," food and art based salon. It will be at my apartment and will feature a "hallway hang" of all my drawings completed in "free spaces" thus far. Then, it's down to LMCC for a couple of hours of working on the "build" drawings, then back home to a napping Grant and 2 more hours...

Pictured above is a 2 hour stint of working at the kitchen table on Sunday night with a silent husband. He spoke, only when spoken to, for he was scared into silence from a previous blog entry of when he spoke too much. Yum, the cupcakes are good (naked, no frosting, no time)!