Sunday, April 08, 2007

The portable muse

I'm on the road again. Last week while traveling in Boston, I brought one of my portable art-making folders and every night and most mornings I worked; cutting, drawing, folding, and arranging my world on paper. Now in DC, I don't even have a pencil. I can't stand it, I'm going back to New York in a few hours, hopefully. Grant likes it here, but he wouldn't mind spending the night in his own bed.

We left New York in a hurry, making a train with about 4 minutes to spare, so we had to pack light, hence not even a pencil. I did bring my computer so there's always art to look at online, if not to make. Tonight, we'll arrive home late and I'll throw one of my many pencil pouches in my bag, so that I'm never without again.