Sunday, November 19, 2006

More tea, ideas, and prep for the week ahead

This has definitely been a bare bone residency. But the potential is also here for expansion, for I have met some really interesting people, very creative people. To begin with, there's Molly Freedenberg, a writer, and instigator of the living part of my residency, she hooked me up with the house on San Pascual.

Then there's the "creative group" that everyone's talking about but I haven't had a chance to attend one of their meetings, they call themselves FishBoN. All my housemates, Nathan, Jeff and Erin are all members. FishBoN holds weekly meetings in a building owned by one of the original members, they are event-based and fire-oriented, and seem to garner a lot of the creativity energy in Santa Barbara. More can be gleamed from their website or you can join their tribe here.

There's also an interesting little gallery called, ironically Perch Gallery. Bill the artist/director of Perch is coming for tea this week and then I'm going to visit his space. This town is fertile ground for future exchanges. Anyone want to come for a visit? I could probably hook you up.