Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sorting Storage

I had intended to work in the laundry room tonight, but I got distracted in the storage area next to the laundry...Working there instead of next to the dryers.

Lately I feel like my two favorite "free spaces" are 60 Wall Street and the laundry room of my building, I might be content just working in those two spots, and I think that will be my plan until I leave for Santa Barbara.

The good news is that one of my "free space" sponsors has loaned me their digital camera. FREE CAMERA...Until I manage to get a new one, so I'll try and use it instead of my phone, even though the phone camera sometimes suits the situation.

A "free space" speculation: I think when you have a regular studio that you go to, you are reminded of your artistic identity when in that space, but when working in irregular places and different spaces you have to think of other types of reminders. What holds one's artistic idenity when it's not a designated full-time space?