Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Sidewalk, 60 Wall St., and 526 w. 26th

I "free spaced" on the sidewalk today! I needed the address of Rivington Arms so I sat on a stoop and pulled out my computer, was instantly connected to the internet, and found the address. Now I am working at 60 Wall Street, which is supposed to be wireless, but I can never get it to work? The guards here were very helpful to me today, moving a table so that I would be next to an outlet for my low battery computing. So I'm charging up, but not connected, so Im' going to close my computer, snap a few pictures with my phone, then review my notes for the Santa Barbara show preparations and then sketch something. Check out the palm trees!

Feeling brave...I'm finishing up things this evening at 526 w.26th Street, the storage closet, working on a collage for the Visual AIDS's annual benefit: Postcards from the Edge. Pictured, is a very blurry image of the completed collage, I really need to get a digital camera...