Monday, October 02, 2006

Prepping the Space to Build

For the next few days I will be building my piece for the the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF), which means renting a wood shop and hiring some one to help me. The whole project should be straightforward and pictures of the process will be posted here.

My ideal spot to build my projects is out in Ohio at my father-in-law's house, for he's got a wood shop and it becomes a real family project and has a strong "perch" (defined as elaborate community-feel here) feel. The pictures above are from my last perch project build in Ohio.

The space in Ohio is also FREE. Plus, Grant gets to see his grandparents, Don (Papa) and his wife Cindy. We all share in child care and in the creative process, it's an ideal working environment. We all had a good time last time and I would really like to expand this "free space."

But for now it's Brooklyn and we'll see how it goes.