Saturday, October 28, 2006

Not in my basement

Working in a different basement today. I'm down in my sister-in-law's basement. I've made an area and am working away on mandalas. I was starting a pattern of weekends at 60 Wall St., and am sorry to interrupt it, but at least the work isn't being interrupted too much. It's hard to find time and more difficult to find space while visiting family, but it does make everything more enjoyable if you can slip away and go down to the basement and work.

I packed up some files before I left hoping that I could get a little done. After being inspired by Anne Ellegood's show at the Hirshhorn Museum,
The Uncertainty of Objects and Ideas: Recent Sculpture, it is nice to sit and think of issues of space in a totally new space-uncertain space, perhaps. The Hirshhorn and this basement are two totally different spaces and filled with totally different things and as a result my head hurts a little.

Visiting Washington, D.C., always gives me a headache for there's a lot of contradiction here, everywhere. There are great museums, lots of government buildings, the metro with it's nerdy passengers and their laptops out (one would never do that on a New York subway), and crowded suburbs with traffic jams surrounding shopping malls bordering a small district filled with monuments. Mandala-like possibilities present themselves on this small map of D.C., but thinking about it makes me want to lay down and I have to go work.