Sunday, October 08, 2006

No More Studio

I've decided I don't like working at 526 w. 26th street. I think I would rather work in the more slightly public realm, push myself, go back to the basement and establish my status as my apartment building's artist-in-residence or work at 60 Wall Street with the birds and the homeless (harmless folk). I also feel like I need to expand the scope of available free spaces. And I also feel like this desire to work within the public realm will help prepare me for my Santa Barbara project where I'll be "in" my piece every day interacting with the public.

I don't think private studio space is not helping my process move forward. The building of space, thinking about space, making drawings of space has to happen in a more active place, and not the private studio. I also really want to get rid of my art storage space at 526 w. 26th, too much baggage. I really need to purge. In an effort to purge, I just put more artwork up on the Fine Art Adoption Network site, including the piece pictured. I plan to add even more artwork.