Monday, October 23, 2006

Build Drawings in the Basement

I am always ready to go work. That's one of my mottos for "free space" is to be ready to go. So I always have a tool bag and a project case handy. (pictured above)

I worked in the basement tonight and it was like a party down there. I guess a lot of people do laundry Monday night. It was fun to work and talk, lend quarters, talk about my upcoming project in Santa Barbara, trade stain removal advice, etc. I even did a couple of loads myself, which I don't usually do while drawing, but I needed some clean clothes.

One thing I've noticed is that my work practice seems less static than it did when I had a studio. I'm not afraid make changes in the "free Space." I'm always trying, hopefully to make better work, not just convenient or easy work. When I had a studio I remember being reluctant to rearrangement and change as often as I do now.